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Annika's Survey Blacklist contains sites' from our experience that we are NOT comfortable recommending. [Please be advised that these pages are protected by Copyright. Copying these listings intact, or not is against Copyright laws, and Terms of Service.]
ISurvey World UK
Palm Research
Paid Survey Depot USA
Panda Research USA
Panel Pay Day USA
Panel Place
PanelPlace TH
PanelPlace AU
PanelPlace USA
PanelPlace MY
PanelPlace IN
PanelPlace PH
PanelPlace ID
PanelPlace SG
productreportcard USA
Shoppers Voice USA
Shoppers Voice CA
Surveydownline USA CA UK AU Get what you deserve
Toluna All Other Locations
Vindale Research Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2021 US, CA, UK, AU
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