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Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland And Labrador, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territory.
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Engage In Depth Engage In Depth. Canada (While we are based in the Washington, DC area, we recruit for projects on a local, national, and international scale.) Medical professionals IE Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Practitioner, Interns, RX, RN, DR, PHD, LPN, ETC (this includes their clerical staff that work in health care), and consumer panel, and more to come. No ages mentioned to take part in Product Testing, Focus Groups and paying Surveys. We have been paid by this online community.
Shoppers Voice CA Shopper's Voice. Ages 18 and older. Surveys, coupons and other free rewards. Become a Shopper's Voice member and save, save, save. At Shopper's Voice, we're about helping you make the most of your shopping.
Tell Wut Tell Wut. Teens ages 16 and up to complete Surveys. They try to act like they have "new Survey companies" when they are already listed here. They also get paid for everything you do for them.
Canada Survey. Surveys and Focus Groups. We believe that every time a respondent is screened, they should be compensated. When respondents show up on time for a group, they should be rewarded. As such, we've developed a currency based portal that encourages respondents to refer friends using our automated tools, keep their information up to date themselves, and be involved in the community through interaction with us as well as other respondents. Do Now Research. Get paid cash for your opinion. From physicians to opinion leaders, senior executives to IT professionals, children, and teens to senior citizens. Product Testing, Surveys and Focus Groups. Experience Dynamics. We are looking for all types of people: people new to the web; IT professionals; users with disabilities; people across the world (we do regular global usability studies). Incentives are between $50-$150 dollars per study depending on the scope of the study. Ages 18, and older. Canadian residents welcome. Qualitative Coordination. No mention of age limits nor what type of kind of payment they make for Focus Groups. Our ongoing research requires people from all walks of life to help provide experience and opinions. We are continually recruiting new people to participate and we provide compensation for your time spent. Research Professionals. Seeking consumers as well as Medical professionals IE Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Practitioner, Interns, RX, RN, DR, PHD, LPN, ETC (this includes their clerical staff that work in health care) for Focus Groups. We pay cash incentives that vary from project to project based on the length of time required. In-home interview cheques are mailed the next day following the session, and are the highest paying.
Bzz Agent. Share your opinion and spread the word about your experience! Finally accepting Canadians. Share your opinion and spread the word about your experience! Join Now. Participating Leading Brands. Collective Thoughts. Cash for your time to complete Focus Groups. Please make sure you are registered to receive new alerts as they become available. Only those registered with us that submit successful applications are considered before all other successful applications by non registered applicants. Daily Rewards. $5.00 sign up bonus. You earn by completing Offers, Games, Surveys, Search and clicking on emails. Age limits not mentioned to join. E-Focus Groups. They maintain an online panel, i.e. a database of individuals who would like to earn money for their participation in online Focus Groups, and/or Surveys. Everyone who participates in one of their online Focus Group gets paid (amount varies depending on requirements of the project). Their online Surveys are paid on a lottery basis-- typically five $100 cash prizes are awarded. Been paid by this panel. Ethnic Corner. Focus Groups and Surveys. Teens ages 16 and up to complete Surveys. Registering with Ethnic Corner is free and simple. It takes only 3 minutes to register and your account will be deposited $5 upon your registration. Our panel consists of Ethnic and New Canadians. Home Tester Club. Ages 18 and up. Home to thousands of product ratings and reviews. Join the club for access to exclusive Product Tests it's completely free. MAM Club. Behind every MAM creation is a perfect network of medical, and technological expertise. Internationally renowned scientists, medical practitioners, midwives, and developmental psychologists. MAM products include pacifiers, breastfeeding, drinking, feeding, oral care, and teethers. Exclusive promotions, contests, and a pregnancy calendar. Med Panel. Canadian's welcome. Surveys, and Focus Groups that pay by cash. Are you interested in contributing to the advancements made in your specialty, as well as medicine overall? Be compensated for your expertise, join us today! General public and Medical personnel IE Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Practitioner, Interns, RX, RN, DR, PHD, LPN, ETC (this includes their clerical staff that work in health care). One Opinion. Ages 18 and older. Don't forget to confirm your email address. CINT panel. Online market research community that has paid us. Panel Opinea. Click the icon to change language and location. Ages 18 and up to do Surveys. CINT Survey panel. Online market research community that has paid us. Panel Opinea offers to participate in online Surveys. We solicit our panelists for topics such as TV shows, commercials, new products, services. You receive our Surveys by email, you are then free to answer or not. All our Surveys are paid, so do not wait any longer, sign up to participate in our tests and Surveys! Phor Tech. Usually, we offer a variety of gifts to thank you for taking part in our Surveys. These range from flashlights, laser pointers, Blockbuster gift cards, pocket knives, Barnes & Noble gift certificates, Starbucks coffee, Inova brilliant keychain Microlights, jelly beans, or crisp new 5 EURO banknotes. - CA
Pinecone Research. Pinecone Research Survey panel payment vary from $3 per Survey all depending upon country, plus a sweepstakes entry. Their sign up links change all the time, and it's why some members earn more then others. It all depends upon when you joined as to what they pay you. We have been paid by this Product Testing company. They also have a mobile app. No Age restrictions. Been paid to complete Surveys. Be sure to read our PineCone Research pages that provides much more detail. Point Club. Teens ages 14 and up. $5 sign up bonus. CINT panel. Take Online Surveys, Make Money, It's That Easy! Science Board. No mention of payment, but there are several panels listed. Join Our International Community of Scientists and Medical Professionals. Help inform tools and technologies that advance research, treatments, and cures. The Science Advisory Board is an exclusive, online community that connects scientific and medical professionals across the world. Healthcare personnel IE Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Practitioner, Interns, RX, RN, DR, PHD, LPN, ETC (this includes their clerical staff that work in health care). SSI International Market Research. World wide Focus Groups, you have to turn off popup blocker to join. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research. Surveys 4 Rewards. We need people of all ages including teens and seniors. We offer a selection of Surveys that can reward you with cash which can be redeemed through Paypal and Amazon. Many of them from name brand companies looking to get consumer feedback from people just like you. Synchro Research. Surveys, and Focus Groups. Paid market research. Synchro Marketing Research is a Canadian owned and operated firm specializing in recruiting participants for Focus Groups, taste tests, radio listening studies and other types of research. The B2B Voice Technology, and Business Research Panel. USA, and Canadian residents. Been paid by this panel. Take fun and interesting online Surveys. Impact the directions companies take on the business products and services you work with everyday and earn rewards for your efforts. We believe the IT and business professional's time is valuable and we reward you accordingly.
Trend Research. Focus Groups, website testing, on-line interviews, panels or on-line Focus Groups. Ages not mentioned to take part. Valued Opinions. Teens ages 16 and up to complete Surveys. Survey panel that pay by cash. AKA We have been paid by this Survey company. Quotas. Mail Surveys depending on the kind of Survey you will get a present or a gift voucher for major stores in your country (depending on the country, in some countries vouchers are also valid for online shops). All Free and Clear. You need to share via social media. They supply you items, you review and do Surveys. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research studies. Been paid by this Survey, Product Testing company. Social Media link is a great company that offers a lot of socialmedia missions. Where you share content with your connections and get freebies. Buzz Back. Surveys for sweepstakes, and some are right out paid. CINT Survey Panel ages 18 and older. Online market research community that has paid us. Sharing your point of view is easy, fun and best of all, you can earn rewards by telling us what you think. Canada Market Research. Medical professionals IE Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Practitioner, Interns, RX, RN, DR, PHD, LPN, ETC (this includes their clerical staff that work in health care), Patients, Consumers, and Business Professionals. We're always seeking participants for ongoing market research studies. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2020 GfK Connected Life Community. Influence the future of mobile and web devices. Download our apps and you will receive up to $25 in e-vouchers. Android. No ages mentioned. World wide, you just have to find the link for your location. My Opinion 4 Good. Ages 18 and older. Minimum Balance Required for Payout: $20.00. Online market research community that has paid us. Op4G nurtures and maintains a quality, engaged membership panel built to support our market research clients and to benefit non-profit organizations. - CA Survey And You. CINT Survey panel ages 18 and older. Asking Canadians. Canada only. No age limit. Payments for your opinions doing Surveys are in the forms of sweepstakes, and points converted. Do you enjoy giving your opinions and earning rewards? Best Buy My Voice. Ages 18 and up. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. We're a community of influencers who work directly with Best Buy to provide feedback and guidance about products and initiatives, making the shopping experience at Best Buy even better. - CA FR
ClubSondages. CINT Market research panel, ages 18 and older to take Surveys. With ClubSondages, you now have the opportunity to join a large international online community that asserts their opinions to influence the market and institutions. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2020 Longo's Fresh Insights. Must join by invite by the company. Are you as passionate about food as we are? If so, we welcome you to join our online community panel where you can share your passion with us and help shape your shopping experience at the same time. Share your opinions with us with through our online Surveys and make a difference, plus our Surveys even come with a chance to win prizes. M-Panels. m-panels is an online medical community that has been built for Doctors, Nurses & AHP's in Canada, the US & Europe. As part of our panel, you will have the opportunity to share your opinion and views to help improve products and services in the healthcare industry. You will also have access to articles from premium medical journals & leading associations. As a panelist, you can take part in market research Surveys and get paid for your participation. You can also network with other panelists for job openings, discussions, CME's etc. Besides doctors and nurses, you will find many Allied Healthcare Professionals (AHPs) in the Panel to interact with. Ages 18 and over. Healthcare professionals IE Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Practitioner, Interns, RX, RN, DR, PHD, LPN, ETC (this includes their clerical staff that work in health care) to take paying Surveys. Pet Talk. Claims to be closed right now. You play a role in bettering the well-being of pets across Canada. Your pet, their passion. Points Devuebdc. Ages 18 and up. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Points of View is a panel created exclusively for those who wish to share their views with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). Points of View offers you the opportunity to participate in a continuous research initiative, to submit your opinions and to better understand Canadian business issues. Your hard work will help us steer and develop our products and services proactively in a changing market. Talk Vancouver. Ages 18 and up. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Help us build a better Vancouver by becoming a member of the City's community of trusted, local advisors. We are excited to hear from you. Registration is quick and easy. Join today! Thought Lounge. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up. Is your voice the piece that's missing? Here's your opportunity to share your views on a variety of themes relating to health care and medicine in Ontario. Topics will cover a wide range of areas including health policy discussions, physician-specific issues, challenges faced by the broader health-care system, physician leadership development, and more. VC Success Lab. Venture capital success lab is for those in that line of work. Ages 18 and up to take part in their research community.
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