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USA Smart Data Solutions Smart Data Solutions. Data entry - work from home requirements: Cable Internet, 17 monitor, 70+ WPM, 10 key, available 4 hours per day. Salary Wage: contractor / paid on a per claim. Salary based on speed. Please only qualified candidates residing in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota need apply. Email resume to:
WW Fiverr Fiverr. Things people are willing to do for $5. Do you have a talent you can sell? Turn your talent into a Side Gig, Gig Job, or a Side Hustle. You can get Voice-over work here too.
WW Online Panel Net Online Panel Net. Survey company says they send 30 Surveys a month. Teens ages 16 and up and only one member per household. They also have other jobs besides paying Surveys such as micro jobs, testing of apps and more. Company contacted us directly with ages, location accepted and payment method which is PayPal / Points Converted. Not Tested.
USA My 90 for Life. Side Hustle job have parties sell products.
WW Perfectly Posh. Side Hustle having parties sell products.
WW Adult Jobs. Various opportunities available, several work from home jobs and Side Gigs.
WW Beta Bound. International Beta Testing and Surveys, brought to you by Centercode. We have been paid by this research company. If you do well testing products then you could make this a full time job. They pay very well for your time and work with famous companies. Petite goldfish is the code to use when joining.
USA E-Jury. Qualifications for service as an eJuror are much the same as the requirements for actual jury service in the United States. To qualify as an eJuror, you must: be at least 18 years of age; be a citizen of the United States; be of sound mind, and good moral character; be able to read, and write; have never been convicted of a felony;, and not be under indictment or other legal accusation of misdemeanor theft or felony theft or any felony charge. For each verdict rendered, eJurors are paid $5 - $10 depending on the length of the case. Ages 18, and older. Been paid by this panel.  COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2022
WW Mary Kay. Selling Mary Kay products complete with your own website. Work from home doing a Side Gig, set your own hours.
WW Maven. Answer questions, and be paid. A lot like get a freelancer only easier to get around and a bit more professional IMHO as you have to go through an ID check basically. You can get Voice-over work here too. We have been paid by this company.
USA New England Focus Group. Focus Groups, Mystery Shopping, Mock Juries, with no mention of age. We also realize the importance of your time and offer incentives (generally $75-$150) for your time and effort.
WW Procard International. You are paid for activating new members in their services, and for sponsoring associates. You must pay to join their company, and then pay is only based on how much you can sell. Work at home, setting your own hours.
USA Research & Polling Inc. Focus Groups, mock trials, and/or our online panel (Internet Surveys). Maybe only New Mexico.
USA CA SpeakWrite. Formerly CyberSecretaries. Currently they are not hiring. They expect to be re-opening the hiring process soon. You can enter your e-mail address below in order to be notified when they are accepting applications again for you to work from home.
USA SCI. Ages and payment not mentioned to take part in their Focus Groups and Mock Jurys. Mostly LA, USA but they do all over America.
USA Terescription. Must have a transcription foot pedal for your computer. Work from home. If you like typing, and are fast, then this is the work at home job for you. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2022
USA The Second Shift. All kinds of jobs here for the work from home mom or anyone wishing to do a Side Gig. Professional jobs! Check it out, you will be amazed!
USA Tigerfish. Transcriptionists needed to produce a wide variety of materials, from single subject interviews to Focus Groups, documentary film footage to corporate research projects, police interrogations to depositions working from home.  Annika's 1999 - 2022
WW VOT - Virtual Office Temps. They recruit professional virtual assistants to work from home. All types of career options, and experience levels are available.
USA VITAC. VITAC is currently accepting resumes, and cover letters for the following positions in our captioning division: Realtime Captioners, Production Coordinators, Offline Captioners, in which you can work from home.
WW Working Solutions. Provides call center (phone) work, and data entry work to agents working from home. No fees are charged. Agents can work on 2-3 projects at a time depending on their skills, and can earn between $7.20 to $30 per hour, depending on the project. High speed internet access, and Windows PC required. You may get a reply from them a few months after applying, depending on their clients requirement, since they have a long waiting list, and few agents leave the company.
USA 99Designs. Expert Designers Community serving Any industry, Any business. Design Logos, websites, as well as tattoos.
WW tumblr. You can now charge subscription fees to your readers. So you can be paid to write in your own time, own hours. This is my link if you wanted to connect (I do not charge.) But because of this many companies may now offer you paid to post on social media via this platform.
USA AngelList. Best Startups Jobs. Full-Time, Contract, Internship and jobs that will sponsor Visa.
UK USA WW Respondent. Site is very slow loading. Average payout per Focus Group is 125 They also want testers for various projects. You have to use your Facebook/Linkedin. Teens ages 13 and up. Been paid by this company via PayPal. You can get voice-over work here too.
WW Testing Time. For usability tests, Focus Groups, interviews, Surveys and more. Product Testing websites is the norm. We have been paid via PayPal by this company.
WW Surveys, Mystery Shopping and more for cash payments. Been Paid. Ages 18 and up. Often wants people to stock shelves or go to stores and take photos. SUPER easy money!
WW Native. is an Android-based app looking for data collectors to perform tasks (similar to Field Agent). All you have to do is check out products, prices and interview people about their brands' opinions. Earn money on your own time, in your own city. Snap photos, conduct interviews, or confirm product prices in local stores. They have a mobile app to earn quickly. Pays via PayPal. Other.
USA No Desk. A large collection of resources for the digital nomad. NODESK features 3500+ articles, remote jobs, resources and tools.
WW Market Agent. Teens ages 16 and up to join to complete international Surveys. Your opinions set the trends of tomorrow! They also have a mobile app to make earning quicker and easier! We have been paid by this company. They also do micro jobs. They pay via PayPal, Amazon or Skrill. Join this exciting forum and get an opportunity to shape the future by your opinion. Get rewarded with exciting bonus points for your participation.
WW Jewels by Park Lane. Their career opportunities include selling jewelry with your own website, or you can drive sales thru having parties. Works very similar to Avon, and Mary Kay. Work from home, set your own hours.
USA We Work Remotely. Hunt and find Freelance blogger jobs. Meaning if you want to be paid to blog or paid to write you search through this website for job offers. Use to be GoRemote.
WW Freelancer AKA GetAFreelancer. Free to join, place your bids on the jobs. Pays by PayPal, UnionPay, AliPay, Chinese Yuan, and so much more! You can get Voice-over work here too.
USA Online Verdict. They are recruiting for jurors all over but they need Oakland County MI residents, especially men, in for a study that's going on now. Ages 18, and up, work you can do at home.
WW People Per Hour. Using this link grants you a 30 pound sign up bonus either to buy or sell abilities/jobs. They are rude and send email threats.
USA Nolan Research. Ages not mentioned to take part in their Focus Groups, Jury/Legal Research, and so much more located in Montgomery, AL. All ages welcome.
Join the Micro Focus User Testing Pool. We on the corporate web team are enhancing the usability of our websites and building some brand new ones, and we wonder if you'd like to help. We will be running several short tests over the coming months, studying specific elements and logical flows to see how we can make them easier to use. All our tests will be done remotely. Our test moderator will schedule you for a time that is convenient for you, and in most cases will use GoToMeeting to conduct and record the test. We will capture what you do (and say) as you work through a short test scenario.
WW uTest - Software testing. For each reported bug, you earn grading points, and recommendations. The higher your grade, the higher your bug rates are, which means you will get more money per bug. Improve your testing skills by exposure to various testing assignments, and become a better tester. World wide technology Product Testing. We have been paid by this market research company. This company has a mobile app. You can get voice-over work here too. They test apps, programs, devices, and even test websites.
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