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WW Check for CDL Drivers
Pizza delivery drivers
Non-CDL Drivers
FedEx Delivery Driver
All kinds of places hire these.
USA CA Mypoints My Points. You can earn cashback using Lyft. So if you use Lyft be sure to use this too. We have been paid.
USA My Free Car. Place ads on your car for 2-3 years and be paid monthly. (We think this site is dead.)
USA Ads 2 Go. Paid to drive with placing car wraps on your car, $50 per month.
CA Ads To Go CA. Up to $400 per month for driving your car with a carwrap.
WW Annika's. Countless companies will pay you to shop and many times some are car companies. Plus being out and about in your car can earn you!
USA SIGTRACK. WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING NEW USERS. Paid by PayPal. Sigtrack is a database application that links grassroots campaigns with crowdsourced data entry freelancers.
USA Roadmark Inc. Sell and manage client advertising on truck and bus fleet.
USA I Car Pool. Whether you ride or drive, iCarpool can help you could save thousands on your commute. Go ahead, get the App today! iCarPool drivers are paid $0.24 per mile for the distance each rider travel with them. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2022
USA Wrapify. With Wrapify drivers are paid per mile and make about $400-$600 per month with no upfront costs.
USA Brake Time With Road Pro. If you are a trucker, you will want to join. You need to share via social media. Join the community (it`s free!) to earn free merch, connect with other enthusiasts, and sample new products. Been paid by this Survey, Product Testing company. Social Media link is a great company that offers a lot of social media missions. Where you share content with your connections and get freebies. Are you 18 and older and a truck driver? Free products, samples, receipes, and so much more when you join.
USA Carvertise. Earn money from advertising on your car. They place ads, you drive about. A driving billboard is wanted by a lot of businesses.
USA Citizen Shipper. Want a new career where you're the boss? Perhaps you're looking for a regular side hustle that offers ultimate flexibility? Or maybe you just want to earn some extra cash every now and then. Sign up to be a driver.
USA Seamless & Grubhub. (If you drive for one, you drive for both!) are restaurant delivery services. All you have to do is schedule a block of time, then follow the app's directions to pick up food from various restaurants and drop it off. You get paid per delivery, and can also keep any tips from customers. They also do yelp eat 24.
USA Dolly Drivers. Use your truck, trailer, van, or just your muscle to work whenever you choose.
USA Driver Seat. Use your data to maximize rideshare and delivery earnings and take control of your work.
USA Eatstreet. Sign Up To Drive with EatStreet connects restaurants and diners with an online food court. We're currently seeking delivery drivers to help deliver food for our restaurant partners. Driver positions offer part-time, flexible hours, and a casual and fun environment. No experience necessary!
USA Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex jobs are available in over fifty major cities around the United States. What could be better then being paid by Amazon to drive?
USA Go Share. Earn Money Driving Your Pickup Truck, Cargo Van, Box Truck or Car. Earn between $47 - $71 per hour plus tips.
USA GoPuff. They claim they are better then the rest. Paid to drive your car.
USA Tap In Go. Focuses on campus delivery, great for college students by getting paid to drive.
USA Lugger. Become a Lugger. Be active, meet new people & make up to $2.5k/week.
USA Instacart. According to its website, Instacart is an "on-demand grocery delivery service". This means that customers order groceries through Instacart. Instacart sends independent contractors to deliver the groceries.
Sticker Ride. Stop working for your car, let it work for you! Our app helps you earn money as you drive! Compensate for your vehicle expenses such as gas, car washes, and parking by driving with us. Ready for more? Take parts in quests and flashmobs to increase your earnings. WithStickerRide, each trip becomes an opportunity!
USA Trunow. I won a buck just for signing up! Cashback at gas stations, restaurants and so much more. Pays via PayPal. I consider this paid to drive because the fuel you put in the car you get cashback on.
USA Turo. Rent your car out. Renters may rent a car for a one day or a few weeks. The Turo website features an estimator tool for lenders to use, and they list example vehicles. Various makes and models from 2017 and 2018 earn lenders $34 to $124 per day.
AU Drive Yello. Join thousands of happy couriers already using the Yello Courier app! As an Independent Contractor using the Yello App you always have ultimate control over your schedule.
Door Dash. Bring home the bacon. Make money driving with delivering today and make great money on your own schedule.
USA Doorman. Get paid to drive by delivering packages, make money. More Freedom And Flexibility Than Driving For Rideshare Companies.
USA Freebird Rides. Freebird is a great way to earn rewards every time you ride in an Uber or Lyft. Before you head out, check the Freebird app to see how you can earn during your rideshare.
USA Favor. Says that drivers are paid a guaranteed hourly minimum, but that average earnings range from $10 to $18 per hour. Drivers keep 100% of the tips they earn. So sign up today to be paid to drive.
USA Car Share. Sign up to carshare. Earn $1,000s sharing your car. Not exactly paid to drive but it fits with this page.
USA JACOR. Ohio CDL drivers wanted.
USA Hop Skip Drive. This is a service that transports kids ages six and up. Right now it operates in California and Colorado (Denver area.) As you might imagine, there are fairly stringent requirements for potential drivers. You need to be at least 23 years old, not 18 (as with most driving services), and have 5 years of childcare experience. You also need a clean driving record and need to pass a background check which includes fingerprints and an in-person interview. And you'll need a 2008 (or newer) car with four doors.
USA Hyre Car. Ages 21 and up. PayPal, Prepaid Credit Card, Bank Account. Rent a Car for Rideshare and Delivery Services. Become an autopreneur by turning your car into a passive income stream.
USA I Drive Your Car. Get paid to drive other people's car for them. Great way to get around, meet people and earn. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2022
USA Kango App. Earn money and make a difference in the lives of families by being paid to drive kids. Childcare experience required.
USA Kroger. Be a delivery driver for Kroger stores.
USA UK CA Lyft. Get paid to drive with Lyft. Also known as ridesharing.
USA Peapod. Peapod hires both part-time and full-time delivery drivers as employees and offers a comprehensive benefits package in addition to salary. As a part-time delivery driver, you need to be available to work between the hours of 5 am and 2 pm. Peapod operates in several major cities and geographic areas in the Midwest and East Coast USA.
USA Roadie. Get paid to drive for Roadie their delivery drivers can earn up to $60 for local deliveries and up to $650 for cross country deliveries. Many factors go into how much a driver makes for a delivery. Some factors are miles driven and the size of the delivery. Roadie says local deliveries usually range between $8 to $50.
USA Saucey. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Chicago. Local delivery drivers pick up deliveries and deliver them within 30 minutes. Drivers can work whenever they want, or they can schedule blocks of time.
USA Seamless. Get food delivery and more.
USA Shipt. Earn up to $22/hr or more shopping for Shipt members. You can make money driving delivering things people love, from the stores they trust. Shipt is a service/app people use to get items delivered to them so they don't have to get out and do the shopping themselves. If you are accepted as a Shipt shopper, you can work whenever you want to and get paid every week.
USA Sidecar. Side Car is a ridesharing service with a few unique features. Drivers get paid by setting their own prices, so it's easy to set competitive rates.
USA Task Rabbit. Do tasks like going to the store for someone, to doing returns. Or tons of other things you can do while out in your car.
WW Uber. Sign Up To Drive with Uber. Get paid to drive but not for putting ads on your car. Also known as ridesharing.
WW Uber Eats. Get paid to drive but not for putting ads on your car. Also known as ridesharing.
USA Wingz. Wingz is a smaller peer-to-peer ridesharing service. Unlike Uber and Lyft, customers get to personally pick the driver they want. The company originally provided customers with rides to airports.
USA Zip Car. Earn by renting out your car for others to drive.

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