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 PhysicianPC is a division of PineCone Research which is at the forefront of "online research", today's sophisticated and leading-edge approach to gathering physicians' and other pharmaceutical professionals' opinions. Your input is vital to help solve our clients' strategic and marketing issues.

Presently, PhysicianPC does not recruit new members through their website but any doctor can request to be added by providing their contact information to: . Upon validation of their credentials, they will be added to the Physician PC panel and eligible to participate in future paying surveys.

Roboform works with the sign up page, so if the page is in another language and you can't change it, IE French / English you can just click Roboform.

NOTE: Annika's does not run Pinecone Research or PhysicianPC, if you are encountering a "Registration Error" it's Pinecone/ Physician PC. We can't fix their website.

If you wish to have your Pinecone Research Affiliate link placed upon our site, please feel free to contact Annika's.

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