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These are my own words and experiences. So please know others will have a different view.

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What is Product Testing?

A. Testing a new product by letting customers use it before it is officially launched. It is also commonly called Beta Testing. It also means you will be working out bugs be it in software, hardware, websites, or other. So if you don't want to risk your computer, you may not want to do Beta Testing. As product testing IS working out bugs. However, 99% of the time Pinecone Research product tests have already hit the market!

What are a few of your favorite Product Testing companies?

A. Pinecone Research Pinecone Research
Mindfield Online - USA & CA
Centercode Centercode
Beta Bound - World Wide
My Opinion Now My Opinion Now
Opinion Outpost USA
Opinion Outpost CA
Outpost UK
Outpost France
Outpost Germany
Opinion Outpost Spain
Survey Savvy - SurveySavvy

Can you list a few things you have product tested?

A. Legally, some no I can not. As I signed an agreement. I can, however, state some of the things I got in a general sense. Mixed meal pack, deodorant, hairspray, conditioner, pizzas, toothpaste, soups, socks, lotion, cigarettes, bubble bath, shampoo, WII games, a scanner, juice, rice, tissues, air purifier, printer, battery-powered toothbrush, remote control, webcam, kids toys, pet food, pet treats, OTC meds, candy, snacks, nail polish, makeup, cat litter, cleaners, soda, computer mouse, wireless keyboard, USB charger, and loads of types of software both for cells, and computers. I post/posted over 100 pictures of things I was/am permitted to share that I tested on my personal Facebook account. That album is public, you don't need to send a friend request to access it.    

How were you paid to Product Test?

A. Check, voucher, Amazon gift certificates, various other gift cards, sweepstakes, Target gift cards, cash, coupons, early adopter access to key features of a program, and of course the product.

How can you ensure you get picked for Product Testing?

A. Take more than 10 minutes to do the Survey. Especially with Pinecone Research. Give full complete feedback to the questions you are being asked. The more you provide the more you may fit the "targeted audience." Don't try too hard! They can tell who is trying to fit their specs too.

How do I get more invites to Surveys, Focus Groups, and Product Testing?

A. Logging into your account is important. If you don't they think you aren't active why should they send you anything?

Do you have any warnings?

A. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If it cost a fee, leave! If you have to fill in tons of offers to take part, leave. If you have a gut feeling, trust it. Also if you maintain a public blog and write about being on a diet, and you tell the Focus Group leader that you aren't, you can be removed and even banned from taking part in that company again. This is why you shouldn't lie, you will be found out. If you are going to test software, make sure you know what you are doing. You could end up having to format. Make sure your computer has all the necessary updates and virus pattern files to protect your data.

Is there anything you regret when it comes to Product Testing?

A. Yes. I regret I didn't pay closer attention and speak up more. I feel I could have helped improved several products if I wasn't afraid that I wouldn't get picked for more tests if everything I said was bad.

Have you ever had a Product Test go wrong?

A. Yes, several. I had a pizza catch on fire in my oven because it said not to use a tray while cooking. I had a webcam that kept crashing my computer so bad I had to format. There are risks to Product Testing that companies forget or omit telling you about. I also was given an out of date product to test by a very well known company, thankfully I knew better than to test it and they, of course, canceled the testing. 

Is there anything else you feel is important for others to know?

A. Yes. You should also check out the Product Testing Tips page located here and of course the "Getting Started Section" located here

Why are the TRYIT websites listed under Product Testing?

A. Misleading information by many bad Bloggers! Many Bloggers keep promoting TRYIT websites as Product Testing. Tryit websites are known as Paid to Review, IE Paid to Write websites. Yes you product test, but you MUST review. Therefore these websites are Paid to Write. Because of the Bloggers misleading so many visitors and confusing them, we have had to list them both under Paid To Write and Product Testing. We often have to do this because many of the Bloggers don't know any better, or aren't even a part of the program. They just want the page views and money from advertising - they don't care it's wrong.

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