Product Testing Tips

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1. You should never pay for Product Testing, NEVER!

2. When you do a Survey/feedback on the product to be tested, be completely honest. And be sure when they ask which product you may have tested first you reply with the one you were MEANT to test first. Otherwise, they will remove you from the test and you will not be paid.

3. If you don't like the product you are testing, at least test it for 2 - 3 days so you can give full feedback on whatever the product may be.

4. If there is an agreement to not share info about the product that you are testing, be sure to stick to it. This means no sharing of photos on social media.

5. Enter your information carefully when signing up for these types of paying Survey programs. You cannot get paid if they can not e-mail you, or mail you a check! This means, to make sure you typed your email address correctly before you click submit. Also, make sure you remember your email password as well. This will make it easier to log into your email account.

6. Read the Product Testing invite emails, and questions slowly.

7.  Product Testing can be complicated, don't stress out about it, after all often it's a new product. Enjoy the chance at improving something new.

8. Product Testing isn't always for payment, it can sometimes be that the company feels as though testing their new product IS the payment. Don't be discouraged because it may lead to paid Product Testing offers.

9. Be sure when you sign up for Surveys, Focus Groups, Product Testing or Mystery Shopping, you confirm your email address. Many complain they aren't getting very much work. That might be why!

10. If you have spam protection set up on your email account, you may have to remove it to get invites. Autoresponders are a big no-no when it comes to Surveys, Focus Groups, and Product Testing.

11. If requested to share the information (like Influenster asks you post on social media) be sure to follow the disclaimers. You oftentimes have to mention you got the item free for your feedback.

12. Don't sell products you get to test with your mom groups. Those products are given out for you to test with friends and use NOT TO SELL! This cheats the program and makes it harder to get those offers on everyone.

13. Even your kids can take part in Product Testing. So be sure to fill in profiles that ask about the ages of your children.

14. Don't forget to read our Product Testing Q & A located here and also our "Getting Started Section" located here

15. Save any confirmations of requests for a payout as well as a completion for any product tests.

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