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Many joke I am the Queen of Save, well in many ways that's true. I believe in either beating the system or getting as much out of the system as possible, for free.  My father says I can make a dime spend twice. So maybe I can help you too!  When I first got on the internet my goal was to make money online and save money. I wanted to make up for the cost of the service in other ways.  There are many ways to save online as well as offline. But I find these ways only work if you live in the USA. As there are very little free things in the UK. I'm sorry I can't offer this advice to all countries, but maybe some of them can be applied.

Remember the motto, "Never pay for what you can get for free." and you won't go wrong.

Never pay for email. There are loads of free services out there. From 10GBs storage space to unlimited Hotmail, Yahoo, Juno just to name a few. Some companies will even pay you if you use their email service.

Take advantage of printing out coupons online, which you can do by oftentimes going to the company directly, such as if you want Tide coupon, go to Be sure to check out our free legitimate coupons page too.

If you have some free time join paid to read email programs, do Surveys, Get Paid to Shop. You will find that racks up the cash in little or no time. Some even send free samples to test and give thoughts on.

Don't pay for webspace when you can get it for free. Blogger, Wordpress, Angelfire. Though some don't allow direct linking. Don't steal anyone's bandwidth. If you feel you want something off someone's webpage, email and ask them. These sites are great for beginners as well as people who just don't want to pay for something they can get for free.

Don't buy a firewall get Zone Alarms free one. If you can afford one though, buy it. I find a custom webpage blocking a blessing as many PTP links contain viruses.

Don't buy a virus protector get a free one. Try to update it daily, and scan weekly! AVG is free, but they change their link often, so if the link in this statement doesn't work just use Google. I do find purchasing one a good idea though. If you check out our Computer Help page there are all kinds of useful links.

Take advantage of those ads on TV that say stop by here for a free sample.

Take advantage of the 1-800 numbers on the back of those cleaners you use daily. Call and tell them what you think of their product. 9 times out of 10 they will give you coupons and or free things. Complain and you will get refunded and or coupons for free ones as well. Give tips and or ideas to help promote their company and watch what happens.

Check out eBay, and Google before buying anything online. You might find it cheaper elsewhere.

Get a PayPal account if you plan to gain money online and/or buy things on eBay. It's free unless you get paid by credit cards.

Keep your computer up to date and it will last longer and save cash as well. Visit Windows update weekly.

Use Freeware, and Shareware for children's games, and anything else you may need that you don't want to buy.

Never pay to use a search engine, Google is always free. Though some search engines pay you to use them like Bing has a program called Bing Rewards. I can't tell you all the crap I got from that! Amazon gift cards, Hulu, Target, Home Depot, the list goes on and on!

Never pay to use a webcam, chat, or messenger service. Yahoo, Skype, and AIM are all free.

Food, Medical and so much more discounts located here.

Getting started doesn't have to cost a ton, be sure to check out our Start Free Page for things such as internet, email, computers, printers and more.

Making your own address labels is cheaper than buying them, even better is ordering them free online via charities.

Paying for cable can often be too much. Hulu has a service that has all the basic cable channels except CBS. It's a mere 7.99 a month. Click here to join.

Do family and friends have email? Don't buy cards, save a tree and get e-cards. Some are a lot nicer anyway. You can get 3D ones too. I usually go to DaySpring

Need a service provider? AOL, Juno, MSN all offer limited times for free. I have a family member who NEVER pays. She signs up for AOL and cancels before time payment time to sign up for another account with the CDs in the mail.

Before you order on Amazon check Google for vouchers.

Yard Sales not making enough money? Sell your items online.  eBay, Craigslist.

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