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"The wicked borrows and does not pay back, but the righteous is gracious and gives." - Psalm 37:21
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NO TNS Gallup. Teens ages 16 and up to join to complete Surveys. Not much data as this link was generated via the Gallup website.Sweepstakes
ASK GFK. Teens ages 16 and up to take part in their international online market research community. Not just Surveys but Mystery shopping as well as other research. We are an international market research company. Our goal is to improve the industry with your help.Points Converted
USA Bio Sciences Laboratories. Bozeman MT. Clinical Paid Trials, Product Testing, and Surveys. No ages mentioned to take part in Product Testing and Surveys. Check
NL Bouwpanel. Email, online, and phone Surveys. No ages mentioned. Other
Cinch Dollars. Teens ages 16 and older to join this CINT Survey panel unless other wise noted. PayPal
USA Consumer Product Dynamics. Ages 18 and up. Surveys, Product Testing, Focus Groups. Referred by Amy Lynn. New panelists must live in the Chicagoland/Southwest Suburban area and be able to travel to our Orland Park facility. Check / Products
DK Focus Factory. Product Testing, Online Discussion Groups, Surveys and Focus Groups. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research studies. Check
WW Glaxes. Been paid by this international Survey panel. Companies pay for your honest opinion. After registration with you will be invited to Surveys regularly. Based on you profile, we send suitable Surveys to you.PayPal
Europinions. Teens ages 13 and older varies per country to take part in their online market research community. CINT Survey Panel. When your balance reaches 30 you can claim your reward. You can check account balance at anytime by logging into your account.Various Rewards.
NL Het Nationale Panel. Teens ages 16 and up to join to complete Surveys. Internet, telephone, written and face to face Surveys. Give your opinion at the National Panel in one of our online Surveys or in a Survey on location. Your participation will always be rewarded with the prize draw of a gift voucher or a financial compensation. Participation is of course free and you only participate when it suits you. The National Panel is careful with your data.Other
PL IMAS Online. Teens ages 16 and up to join to complete Surveys. It's a simple way to make extra money without leaving your home. No advertising or spam.Points Converted
NO Hjemmets reader panel. Join our reader panel for ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys.Sweepstakes
USA MacConnell Research. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys. No where on the site does it state it's limited to GA, USA. It is however limited to the USA. Focus Groups, Product Testing, Surveys taste tests and more.Other
The Media Panel. Been paid, and has a youth panel as well. Participate in media research studies and Focus Groups at one of our state-of-the art facilities located in Austin, TX, or Chicago, IL.Other
UK CBU Volunteer Panel. Our research is dependent on keen volunteers who contribute to our studies by completing computerised experiments and taking part in various types of brain scanning studies in our Unit near to the centre of Cambridge. Increasingly we also use on-line tasks that you can complete at home. We are always in need of new volunteers, aged 16+ and are able to compensate you financially for your time. Other
AU Nine Rewards use to be Tickerek Rewards. You receive Ticketek rewards dollars for responding to Surveys, and special offers. You can redeem your dollars for tickets when your account reaches $25.00. Ages 18 and up. They also have Focus Groups! COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2022 Other
DK Fyns Amts Avis. Teens ages 16 and up to join to complete Surveys. You must complete this Survey via Survey Monkey.Other
WW WMM-Team. Market research team ages 16 and up to join to complete international Surveys and Product Testing. Your contribution to market research and discussions will be rewarded.Products / Other
RU Anketer. You answer - we pay. Other / Points Converted
USA Field Voices. We`ll pay you to voice your opinions. Field Voices connects eligible participants to research opportunities that help to shape the future generation of products and services.Other / Tango Cards
USA CA GrubHub Community. You need to share via social media. They supply you items, you review and do Surveys. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research studies. Teens ages 13 and older. Be the first to try and discover new products, content and offers from this company. We have been paid by this Survey, Product Testing company. Social Media link is a great company that offers a lot of social media missions. Where you share content with your connections and get freebies.Other
SE Ljusdals-Posten-panelen Survey Panel. Are you involved in influencing our content, the advertising we show and helping companies to improve their products, services and offers. Your opinions will also influence statistics about society and politics, which will be the basis for decisions within various organizations in Sweden and internationally. Teens ages 13 and up take part in this Survey panel.Other / Points Converted
USA Corel Beta. Product Testing and Surveys. Brought to you by Centercode. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research. We have been paid by this Survey company.Amazon / Products / Other
FR UK DE Senses Panel. Join Senses Panel, an exclusive community for those who love fragrances and open to try new and innovative concepts. As a member discover new product fragrances on an exclusive basis! Open to Female 25-65 years old; responsible and/or users of beauty care/personal care/home care products; does not work in Hygiene/home care, marketing, advertising, market research companies, hypermarkets and has no skin allergies.Other
UK OK Magazine Panel. Ages 16 and over. The YourVoice, an exclusive online community for readers of the Ok! Magazine.Sweepstakes / Other
USA The Financial Advisor Community. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys. Powered by Bellomy Research Bellomyonline.  COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2022 www.annikaswfh.comPoints Converted
USA Michigan State University. Ages vary per project. Undergraduate Research Participation (SONA) The SONA online research management system is used to allow college students to efficiently obtain research participation credit. Some also allow payment via Amazon, or PayPal. Non students are welcome to join. The great thing about this Survey company is the easy access to Surveys via their mobile app. Make sure at the bottom you select some sort of paid participation. Some research is in person some in online. You will need to READ before applying.Sweepstakes / PayPal / Amazon / Other
UK Ipsos MORI inCompass MediaCell+. Join the MediaCell panel and earn shopping voucher worth £20 after your first month on the panel, and £10 for each further month you take part! Brought to you by Ipsos and SSI.Other
BR DGMax Brazil. CINT Survey panel ages 16 and older unless other wise noted.PayPal
UK USA AU IN - UK 13 and up - USA - AU 14 and up
Survey Now Panelist Portal - Cint. CINT Survey panel ages 16 and older unless other wise noted. Some Surveys may be short and won't take longer than 2 min to complete. Others may be lengthier yet they offer higher rewards for completion.PayPal
USA i-Health, Inc. Sampling Program Product Testing Panel. Once you`re a member they`ll email you when they have new Product Tests available. TRYIT panel that is only open at select times. So though you may click on it and it may be closed, we still list this as sometimes they open a waiting list.Other
USA Shark Club. Login now to view new activities and discuss activity. Community MAY be closed, this is not ANNIKA'S fault.Other
ES CL Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys. Sondea will reward the participation in the Surveys sent by email with cash that will be deposited in a PayPal account of the user of the Sondea panel. The incentives will be paid into this PayPal account within a few days of closing the access to the Survey, and once the coherence of the answers and the time taken to answer each respondent has been checked.PayPal / Sweepstakes
USA Magnolia Journal Magazine Reader Panel. Join our reader panel for Surveys and Product Testing for a chance to win. Your opinions are important at Shape and really do influence what appears in our magazines, websites and social media! That`s why we`ve teamed up with our family of brands to create Meredith Voices, an exclusive online community of people who want to share their ideas with us. Please note they have like 10 different Survey panels, use different email addresses to join all of them. Sweepstakes / Other
USA The Yard. Login now to view new activities and discuss activity. Community MAY be closed at this time. Check back later.Other
CH Zurich Panel. Teens ages 16 and up to join to complete Surveys. Here you have the opportunity to register for the Customer Online Panel.Sweepstakes
NL Q and A Panel. No age limits mentioned to take part in their online market research community. Q & A panel is busy innovating and you will learn about this step by step over the coming months. The security of your data is our priority and that is why we have made the first step. The security again meets the most stringent requirements!Other
WW Google User Experience Research. Ages 18 and up to join to complete international Surveys. Tell us what you think about Google products and features by participating in our user research studies. You'll get a token of our appreciation plus the chance to help build something you'll love.Pays by "Perks" / Other
USA Amazon ADS Research Panel. Ages not mentioned and older to take part in market research. If you received an email invite, simply follow the instructions we`ve provided to join. Brought to you by Vision Critical.Other / Sweepstakes
USA Audible Sounding Board Community. Vision Critical Survey panel, ages 18 and up. The Audible Sounding Board is your chance to help influence new Audible products and services. As a member, you'll be able to tell us what you think about our new product ideas as well as provide feedback on existing products and services. If you received an email invite, simply follow the instructions we've provided to join. Other / Sweepstakes
USA Chalk Talk Panel. No age limits mentioned to take part in their online market research community. Chalk Talk is a fun and engaging way to stay connected with your school while helping to improve the quality of virtual learning by sharing your opinions. Vision Critical Panel.Sweepstakes
USA Derrick Law Firm. Thank you for your interest in a Jury Research Focus Group at The Derrick Law Firm. If you would like to participate in a focus group held in Horry County or the Greater Charleston Area, please fill out the survey.Other
DE Die Hoerer. We want to get better - with your help. Become a listener and tell us what you think! Here you will be heard and taken seriously. That's why your time and your opinion is also worth something to us.Points Converted / Other
USA DLC Viewpoint Panel. The DLC Viewpoint Panel is an exclusive community made up of DLC customers who are interested in providing feedback about service and interactions with DLC personnel, sharing opinions and suggestions regarding new products and services, and helping us improve how we communicate with our customers. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
USA Appinions Flipp Community. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up. Sweepstakes / Other
Future Talkers by InSites Consulting. Cint international Survey Panel ages 13 and older unless other wise noted varies per country. For each research project you participate in, you will earn cash rewards. The amount of the reward will depend on the length of the Survey or the intensity of the research community. Sweepstakes / Other
John Deere Survey Panel. Thank you for taking time to participate in the Survey. Your response allows John Deere to better communicate special offers that match your equipment purchase intentions. Vision Critical Survey Panel. Sweepstakes / Other
BE MediaPanel. Become a member of the MediaPanel of Flanders and give your opinion about the Flemish media! Open to 18+ yo, living in Flemish speaking areas. Brought to you by Ipsos.Other
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