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These are my own words and experiences. So please know others will have a different view.

What are Virtual Jobs?

A. Jobs done from your home, or at a different location from the company such as being someone's personal assistant or taking calls on behalf of a company. These jobs are also referred to as Data Entry, Work from home Jobs, Freelance, Freelancer, Side Gigs, Side Hustles, Social Media Assistant, Remote jobs, Ghost Writer, Home-based work, Brand Ambassadors, or any other online job including and not limited to Bloggers. Some people have been known to even claim Mystery Shopping as virtual jobs, Annika's does not because they are not 'AT HOME' work. They are also jobs like selling products at parties or writing articles. Just about anything you can dream of, that's a legitimate work from home job, we have listed. Please note that we recently expanded upon several member's requests for assembly jobs, aka artisan jobs. While these charge a fee to do, they do not guarantee payment or refund of that fee should you not be able to take part. Be careful, choose wisely and we recommend you do research, just to be safe. You should be looking not only at the virtual / Freelance jobs pages, but the paid to write pages.

How much do these types of virtual jobs pay?

A. It depends on the company offering the job. Some jobs you bid on, which means you set your own price. Some jobs you work your quotas like Avon or Mary Kay.

Should I ever pay for a list of work at home jobs?

A. No, they are listed here for free.

Do I have to have a degree in these types of jobs?

A. No, but some do require training.

How are you paid to complete these virtual jobs?

A. Usually by Check, (Cheque in the UK), or PayPal.

Have you ever paid for an assembly job/artisan job kit or encountered a fee?

A. Yes, to test and see if it was worth my time. It wasn't. There are those that enjoy that line of work, I don't. You have to be very very careful and do a lot of research before you take that leap in paying. I honestly didn't want to list them, but after YEARS of suggestions, and questions, there are a few now added. Should you purchase anything for these types of jobs, save receipts and use those for tax write-offs. There are some that charge fees for certain things you must have to complete the job. They should inform you of these things ahead of time though. You should always read the website completely before signing up.

Do you have to have any special equipment for a virtual job?

A. Yes for some you do. The transcriptions for example, suggest you have a petal for your computer to pause the recording with. As you branch out in your line of work you will discover what is necessary to complete any given job. Like you may need a mic to record sound, or headphones to listen to things. Each job is different, another example is perhaps the need for Office. Remember to save receipts for anything you purchase for your job. You will need them during tax time.

Do you have to have a car for these types of jobs?

A. Not unless it's some sort of job that states that. Such as doing mail delivery of a project. This does not include the scams where you are requested to do Western Union or deposit a check and/or send them part of it. Those are well-known scams and need to be reported to the police ASAP.

Is there anything I should be concerned about?

A. Yes. There are scams going around whereby a fake company sends you a check (cheque in the UK) and asks you to deposit it. They ask you to send the rest to someone else at a Western Union or similar type companies. This is a fraudulent scam and should be reported ASAP. Virtual jobs have nothing to do with this sort of thing. They can appear very legit and even a well-known company you may have worked in the past. You should inform that company about the issue as well. You are never mailed a check before you start any job via online or off. You are also never texted or mailed from a company you didn't sign up for. If someone texts you and you do not know them, don't reply. Doing so can alert them the number is active and the scam texts will not stop. To report such things, there are many companies listed here: If you hear of a friend or family member dealing with the same thing, please send them that page to help aid in reporting.

Do you have any useful links for the Paid to write/Paid to post on social media pages?

A. Yes.

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