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WW Mom Central. Mom Testing, and Survey Panel. Ages 18, and up. World wide Product Testing. We have been paid by this international market research company. Items for parents to share with their children, toddlers, preschoolers, and babies.
UK The Viewers. Paid to watch TV UK 16 and up. Surveys and Focus Group Panel members will be paid by bank transfer, PayPal or Amazon email gift voucher within two weeks of filling out the Survey. The Viewers is a fun research panel for all things telly. Whether this be giving feedback on what you watched last night, sampling new programmes before anyone else or helping develop ideas for new TV programmes.
Terra Pulse Group. Teenagers 16 and older. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 300 rubles. You can withdraw your money using PayPal or Giftery gift cards.
USA User Works, Inc. Often, they conduct studies at their usability lab in Silver Spring, Maryland, although sometimes they conduct remote national studies with participants who are at their home or office. Beta Testing, Surveys and Focus Groups. We have been paid by this market research company. They do a lot of website testing for NASA, and UPS to name a few. All ages welcome. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2022
RU Anketka. Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Baltic States, and other countries of the former USSR, Teens 16, and up. Email, and Post Surveys. Once you register you get 50 rubles right away.
WW Intomark GFK. Teens ages 13, and up to complete Surveys. Not just Surveys but Mystery shopping as well as other research. We are an international market research company. Our goal is to improve the industry with your help.
DE Bonopolis Online Umfragen. All age groups accepted to complete market research. The Bonopolis online panel allows you to sign up for paid online Surveys, website reviews, and blog projects.
USA Bryles Research. If you live in the USA at Mokena, IL , Richardson, TX, or Springfield, MO areas, and surrounding communities we welcome you to become a member of our consumer research panel. No age limit mentioned to complete Surveys for cash, and other prizes.
USA Crayola Advisory Panel. Product Testing, and Surveys. To be a member of the Crayola Consumer Panel, children, toddlers, kids, pre schoolers, in the household must be 17 years or younger.
AU The Australian Meal Panel. No age limits to complete Surveys for pay. Payments are made after every second Survey into your PayPal or bank account.
AU NZ Ekas - Interviewing Australia.
To join Ekas, you click on "rewards" on their page, or we made it easy, and you can click here
All SOL points are redeemable for values of $20, $35, and $50 vouches which you can spend at Wishlist, where you are able to choose from over 2,000 different products, and experiences. 16, and older. 
CA Ethnic Corner. Focus Groups and Surveys. Teens ages 16 and up to complete Surveys. Registering with Ethnic Corner is free and simple. It takes only 3 minutes to register and your account will be deposited $5 upon your registration. Our panel consists of Ethnic and New Canadians.
ZA Enlighten Panel. To join Enlighten you to need to live in South Africa, be 15 years or older and have an email address, nothing more, nothing less.
FR Forum Etudes. For professionals, and regular everyday people. Surveys, and Product Tests too. Become a member (free registration) and earn money by sharing your opinion! There is no age limits.
WW Glaxes. No age limits. Payments for your opinions are in the forms of cash, and PayPal. Been paid by this international Survey panel. Companies pay for your honest opinion. After registration with you will be invited to Surveys regularly. Based on you profile, we send suitable Surveys to you.
USA Homeschool - Product Tester. Home schoolers receive free products. Homeschooled kids get to know that their opinion counts. Parents like it that the kids have to write up the reviews, and educational companies get feedback on their products. Beta Testing.
RU InternetOpros. Russia. No age limits to join their Survey panel. We value your opinion. And even pay for it!
The Media Panel. All age groups welcome, but ONLY Austin Texas! This site is operated by MediaScience and is used for current MediaScience Panel members to register their children or teen aged 17 years and under to participate in upcoming studies.
USA National Survey Research Center NSRC. For Focus Groups and Surveys. Are you interested in exchanging your opinions for a monetary reward? If you live in Northeast Ohio and would like to join our participant database please fill in the form. They have often asked my kids to take part in research.
FR Opinion Du Web. No mention of ages accepted to complete Surveys for cash, and other prizes. Opinions du Web is a website that allows you to participate in contests by answering studies on different topics: travel, fashion, food. Each completed questionnaire automatically registers you for the draw of the associated contest. You can win a trip, a shopping cart, gift vouchers. Register for free to miss any opportunity to win prizes!
FR Pipeul. No mention of ages accepted. Depending on your profile (sex, age, locality ), you have access to questionnaires. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2022
USA Relevant Knowledge. Doesn't say paid but thanks you by allowing you their software. Must at least be 18 years of age, or capable of entering into a binding agreement with parents permission.
USA Ripple Street is now House Party. HouseParty is for people to try new products at parties. Provide feedback to the company, and try new products all the time. Ages depend upon campaigns as they are known to offer booze, as well as things for children, toddlers, pre-school, babies, and teens. We have been paid by this Survey company.
UK Survey Friends. Ages 15 and up to join to complete Surveys for cash. The points that you collect can then be used for winning gifts and vouchers. Exchange your points for Gift Vouchers or allocate them to the Gift Lottery system.
USA Pro Active Research. For kids, toddlers, babies & moms. Want to host your own MommyParty to spread the word about Beech-Nut Naturals real food for babies, and infants? We are looking for moms to register as MommyParties hosts who will put on a Beech-Nut themed MommyParty in their homes. Hosts will invite 10 mom peers to their home during February or March for a Beech-Nut themed party.
IE TheJournals IE. Mums and Dads needed to join their panel for "rewards". Market research participants will need to be available to speak by phone or email. We're looking for parents a mix of mums and dads to share their voices on a weekly basis with us as part of an ongoing panel. Whether you have toddlers, preschoolers, juniors, teens, have just welcomed your first child or have a brood of six, we want to hear from you.
UK IRE Your Say Pays. Teens ages 16 and up to join to complete Surveys. For some Surveys we will pay you or make a donation to a charity you choose (typically with between 0.25 and 2 for each Survey), others will entitle you to entry in a prize draw. CINT Survey panel.
You Gov USA
Master YouGov Page
Yougov. Teenagers 14, and up. Pays by check points converted into cash. Online market research community that has paid us. As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards.
CA Acce Intl. Focus Groups, Product Testing and Surveys. Ages of 18-65 (kids can become testers too with parental consent.) Taste food products, give us your opinion, earn cash!
USA pediatric adhd. Known to snail mail Clinical Trials. AcurianHealth is your guide for getting connected to clinical research studies.
UK Grapevine. Focus Groups and Surveys. Teens ages 13 and up to complete paying Surveys. Grapevine Panel set up by Field Initiatives is always looking for people to take part in research.
AU McGregor Tan Research. No mention of ages accepted. paying Surveys, and Focus Groups provided by this Survey company. Community/Panel members who complete online Surveys enjoy a number of rewards like an entry into the monthly $200 cash draw and into our annual grand prize giveaway of $1,000. There are also random cash prize giveaways for completion of particular Surveys and ticket giveaways from time to time.
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Stardoll. CINT Survey panel ages 16 and older to join this market research website. As members of the Stardoll community, your thoughts and opinions are very important to us. So share them with us in our new Survey! We are interested in what you think about the activities, celebrities, games and fashion at Stardoll.
USA Reindeer Town. Teens ages 13 and older. You share things on social media. Sometimes you get prizes for your time. Social Media link is a great company that offers a lot of socialmedia missions. Where you share content with your connections and get freebies. Product Testing and Survey company we have been paid by.
UK Survey Goo. £10 minimum account balance required to request payment. Teens ages 16 and over. CINT Survey Panel. Short, fun online polls earn rewards for taking online Surveys.
Parents Magazine Reader Panel. Join our reader panel for Surveys and Product Testing for a chance to win. Ages 21 and up. Parents are often gifted items for their children. Your opinions are important at Parents and really do influence what appears in our magazines, websites and social media! That's why we've teamed up with our family of brands to create Meredith Voices, an exclusive online community of people who want to share their ideas with us. Please note they have like 10 panels, use different email addresses to join all of them. Been paid by this magazine reader panel.
Yuzuni AKA Women's Panel. No age limits to complete Surveys for cash payments. Your time is money. Any successful participation is rewarded.
Buzzback. Teen Surveys for ages 13, and up. International CINT Panel. Online market research community that has paid us. Sharing your point of view is easy, fun and best of all, you can earn rewards by telling us what you think.
UK Mouth Piece Panel / Daily Mirror. Teens ages 16 and up to join to complete Surveys for prizes. Here at the Mirror we are constantly looking at ways to improve. We know our readers are passionate about the news and love sharing their opinions.
AU The Insiders Community. Ages 15 and up. The Insiders Community is an online community of Australian women who love to share their opinions on various topics. Such as food, family, health and beauty as well as their favourite magazines!
USA Teen Vogue Contributors. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research. If you received an email invite, simply follow the instructions we`ve provided to join. Brought to you by Vision Critical.
AT T-Factory. Focus Groups ages 11 to 39. For all projects there is a thank you for participation, either cash, vouchers or small gifts.
AU NZ - AU 14 and up - NZ 15 and up
Realtime Rewards. CINT Survey panel, ages 15 and up. Being paid to voice your own opinion via online Surveys from the comfort of your own home? Who wouldn't!
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