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USA Access Insights. All ages welcome to complete market research via Surveys Product Testing and Focus Groups. Join in with many others in our community and start getting paid for your opinions!
NO TNS Gallup. Teens ages 16 to complete Surveys. Not much data as this link was generated via the Gallup website.
PL USA PT UK AU PH FR DE IN IE NG NL SE AE CN - PL 13 and up - USA 13 and up - UK 13 and up - PH 18 and up - AU 14 and up - DE - FR 15 and up - IN - IE 13 and up - NG - SE 13 and up - NL - AE - CN 14 and up - ID 17 and up
IWadi. [Please note this is a CINT Survey panel.] Teens ages 16 and up unless other wise noted. Register for free. Fill out online Surveys with us. Earn money.
USA The Leap Frog Lab. By completing this form, you will join our local Bay Area USA community of parents, teachers, caregivers, and educational experts who help us create products with the highest standards of education, learning, and fun. The LeapFrog Lab May contact you for different types of technology Product Testing, such as on-site visits, in-home testing, or email Surveys for your kids, pre schoolers, toddlers. We have been paid by this Product Testing company.
SE Musik Panelen. Teenagers 13 and older to join this CINT Survey panel. As a thank you for your participation you will be replaced with incentives. The compensation varies depending on the length and severity of the study.
WW Evans Data Developer Panel. No age limits to complete Surveys. Register below to qualify as a panel member. As a developer panelist you will: have your voice heard on hot topics, innovative technologies and key initiatives, receive points for every validated Survey submission, redeem award points for valuable prizes.
Avis Panel. Teenagers 15 and up to join to complete paying Surveys. Short Surveys, low payout and they even have a mobile app. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2022
CA USA Ethnic Voice Accord. Over 30,000 New Canadians are part of the Ethnic Voice Accord (EVA) community. Community members earn money for answering questions about the products and services they use on an everyday basis. $25 cash out. Ages 16 and up.
NL Het Nationale Panel. Teens ages 16 to complete Surveys. Internet, telephone, written, and face to face Surveys. Give your opinion at the National Panel in one of our online Surveys or in a Survey on location. Your participation will always be rewarded with the prize draw of a gift voucher or a financial compensation. Participation is of course free and you only participate when it suits you. The National Panel is careful with your data.
UK HSJ reader panel. No age limits mentioned. Join our reader panel for Focus Groups and Surveys. Reader panel members will be asked to complete occasional online Surveys and will be invited to take part in Focus Groups. In return you will be able to try out new products and services early and help shape the future of HSJ, both in print and online.
PO IMAS Online. Teens ages 16 to complete Surveys. It's a simple way to make extra money without leaving your home. No advertising or spam.
USA UK Mom Bloggers Club. Blog for them, get free products to test. Be a part of the cool moms click from high school and earn while you are at it.
UK CBU Volunteer Panel. Our research is dependent on keen volunteers who contribute to our studies by completing computerised experiments and taking part in various types of brain scanning studies in our Unit near to the centre of Cambridge. Increasingly we also use on-line tasks that you can complete at home. We are always in need of new volunteers, aged 16+ and are able to compensate you financially for your time.
UK Multicultural Britain Think. All ages welcome but must have parents permission. DO YOU BELONG TO AN ETHNIC GROUP? We want to hear your opinion! By joining our panel you will now have access to more Surveys and receive greater rewards. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2022
Panel Opinea. Click the icon to change language, and location. Ages 15, and up to do Surveys. CINT Survey panel. Panel Opinea offers to participate in online Surveys. We solicit our panelists for topics such as TV shows, commercials, new products, services. You receive our Surveys by email, you are then free to answer or not. All our Surveys are paid, so do not wait any longer, sign up to participate in our tests and Surveys!
USA Recuiting Resources. Focus Groups - Individual Interview - Phone Interviews - Online Studies - Much More. Physicians, Consumers, and Professionals. All ages welcome with parents permission to take part in their market research.
USA SheSpeaks. You'll receive relevant products, services, or content to test, and keep absolutely free. Make sure you include as much honest information about yourself as you can, since your answers will help us match you with products, services, or content to test. USA only Beta-Testing. We have been paid by this Survey company. Many items to be tested are for your children.
DK Fyns Amts Avis. Teens ages 16 to complete Surveys. You must complete this Survey via Survey Monkey.
WW WMM-Team. Market research team ages 16 to complete international Surveys and Product Testing. Your contribution to market research and discussions will be rewarded.
USA Silver Stork. Ages 18 and up. Survey panel for mothers. Welcome to our Survey for MOMS! We are Silver Stork Research and we are about Moms, for MOms and we ARE Moms! The following Survey is broad and designed to help us get to know you more and learn what's important to you. All information provided is confidential and will never be shared or sold to a third party.
WW PTPA Media - Parent Tested Parent Approved. Paid to test new products designed for children and families. All ages welcome to join their international Survey and Product Testing panel. Become part of the ever-growing community that is PTPA. You'll try free products and services while sharing your feedback with other community members who value your honest opinion. You'll also be able to receive rewards for your actions which you can then redeem in exchange for awesome products.
AU Empowered Surveys. Empowered Surveys offers its members rewards for taking surveys from some of Australia`s largest market research companies. They are Sydney and are members of AMSRS and follow industry guidelines with regards to research. Ages 16 and up.
Viewfruit. Super cheesey website that you do Surveys for. Participate in Surveys, earn reward points and redeem for cash. All ages welcome.
UK Launch Panel. Teenagers 16 and up to join this Mystery Shopping, Focus Groups, Product Testing and Survey panel. Earn cash or vouchers each time you complete market research; online Surveys, online communities, products testing and more.
UK TribeFamilies(BountyWordofMum). CINT Market research panel, ages 13 and older to take Surveys. We will then send you a confirmation email and once validated, you'll be able to take part in Surveys and earn cash rewards!
UK Xurveys. Teenagers 13 and older to join this CINT Survey panel. We'd like to hear from a broad cross-section of the public, including people of all ages and backgrounds and from all walks of life.
ZA KE NG TZ - ZA - KE - ZW - NG - TZ
Afritorch. CINT Market research panel, ages 16 and older. AfriTorch is an online community dedicated to making your voice heard! Tell Africa's leading providers of products and services what you think and earn rewards in cash, vouchers and mobile airtime for participating in Surveys. Your opinion will have a direct impact on companies and how they market, distribute or advertise new products and services to consumers like you.
USA Mommyviews Insight Community. Moms and dads with children between the ages of 0-24 months and mothers expecting their first child. As a community member, you will be asked to log on weekly, develop a personal profile, and participate in activities such as Surveys, discussions, and polls. As an active member, you will be eligible for monthly product drawings and select home use test opportunities throughout the duration of the community.
USA Wear Test - New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. Put products to the test through the Wear Test Program. For applicants wearing adult size shoes - men's 7-18 / women's 6-13. If the applicant is younger than 18 years old, a legal guardian must participate in the application process and sign the Tester Agreement. We have been paid by this Survey company.
USA Stars Focus Pointe Global`s new Online Product Review Program. Unsure about age limits to join to complete Product Testing and Surveys for reviews of Products. We have been paid by this research company. They have sent us all kinds of things like board games for the family to test.
SW Zurich Panel. Teens ages 16 to complete Surveys. Here you have the opportunity to register for the Customer Online Panel.
USA Center Watch. Search for clinical free trail listings. Ages vary. CenterWatch provides proprietary data and information analysis on Clinical Trials through a variety of newsletters, books, databases, market research, benchmark reports and information services used by all industry professionals involved in the management and conduct of Clinical Trials.
USA CA UK Chick Advisor. Product Review Club, read carefully to join. APPLY FOR YOUR CHANCE TO TRY THE LATEST PRODUCTS.
Future Talkers by InSites Consulting. No age limits to join. Cint Panel ages 16 and up unless other wise noted. For each research project you participate in, you will earn cash rewards. The amount of the reward will depend on the length of the Survey or the intensity of the research community.
UK In Compass. Ages 16 and up. voucher. Join the MORI inCompass panel and earn shopping voucher worth £20 after your first month on the panel, and £10 for each further month you take part! Simply fill the short registration Survey and download an app in your smart phone or PC. Part of the IPSOS network. In the case of Surveys being conducted by a child under the age of 13, a Panel member who is the parent must certify that they are at least 18 years old and that they are the legal guardian of the child.
USA Mi Telemundo. A site created especially for a community of exclusive Telemundo viewers who feel the same passion for entertainment. Teens ages 13 and above. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Keep up with our latest advances, win prizes, and help us improve your viewing experience!
USA J and R Coordinating Services. All ages welcome for Focus Groups. We offer two types of Focus Group Rooms to meet your needs. An American type Standard Focus Group Room seating 8-10 respondents or a European type Focus Group Room with sofas and tables for a more relaxed environment seating 6-8 respondents comfortably. We are happy to offer moderating services or you are welcome to provide or own.
Life Fun & Everything. Ages 13 and up. You get 1 monthly Survey for points. Takes forever to cash out. Online market research community that has paid us.
USA Moms Matter. We invite you to join Mom Matters an initiative to seek insights from the real drivers of change MOMs (and dads too)! We work closely with you to test new products, conduct Surveys and Focus Groups to gain valuable feedback to help us provide products helpful to you and your baby's life. Additionally, your baby can be a part of our videos and photoshoot campaigns. To become a member of our group, all you need to do is share some information about your family in the form below. We will reach out to you for future Product Testing, child photoshoot opportunities and more. Participate as your time permits, we know being a mommy is a 24-hour job! *(open to USA residents only).
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