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WW Homescan AU
Homescan Canada
Homescan NCPanel USA
Homescan UK
Homescan CH
Homescan Hong Kong
Homescan AKA NCP. You scan your purchases for points which are converted into things, also does international Surveys. Been paid many times by this company.
CA USA Opinionsquare Opinion Square. Age 16 and up to join to complete paying Surveys and Product Testing for cash and other prizes. Paid in points for prizes as well as a chance to win a huge amount. I do not download their software, and I don't suggest anyone else does. Been paid many times by this company. Join OpinionSquare today and get a chance to earn rewards like points redeemable for valuable prizes like gift cards, electronics, and home appliances - just for sharing your valuable opinion!
USA PanelApp Panel App AKA Rewards by Foursquare. Complete Surveys with your mobile device. IOS and Android. Pays via Amazon or Visa Gift Card. Been paid by this panel.
WW Permission Research All other locations
Permission Research. Members are entered into a sweepstakes for their time. You DO NOT need to download the software in order to take part. Been paid many times by this company. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2021
UK SE NO FI RU AU ZA DE PL NL NZ Prime Scratch UK All other locations Prime Scratch. Start with $5 free and the chance to win $200,000. 1 in 3 scratch cards win! UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Australia, South Africa and NZ.
UK SE NO FI AU ZA DE PL NL NZ Prime Slots All other locations Prime Slots. No Deposit Casino. Join now and Get $5 Free with the chance to win £200,000. Spin and Win Now!
WW Rewards1 Rewards1. Earn points that convert into PayPal cash.
USA You Data You Data Now Sponster. Pays via PayPal. You watch ads and are paid.
USA SocialMoms. You post often through their blog, and redeem through the app on their Facebook. Surveys, and more. Pays by Amazon Gift Certificates. We have been paid.
WW Sponsored Tweets AKA Izea. Earn for allowing them to post ads between your everyday postings on twitter. Paid By PayPal. Been paid many times by this international company.
USA Feature Points. iPad and Android a lot like appnana. You download apps and earn points, points are converted into cash via PayPal. Code: K2S4H5
USA CA Mom Ambassadors. Moms Meet AKA MomAmbassadors is for moms to try new products at parties. Provide feedback to the company, and try new products all the time. They also have a blogger panel where you Test Products and review them on your blog. We have been paid by this Survey company.
USA App Optix. AppOptix is Android only at this time. Ages 18 and older to take part in their market research panel. Online market research community that has paid us.
WW Text 121. Paid to chat international.
USA SBKC. Paid to forward email and snail mail of certain types. Pat and I are paid monthly, points are converted into VISA gift cards Be sure to mention AMY LYNN as your refer please. They pay for junk mail. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2021
WW Surveys, Mystery Shopping and more for cash payments. Been Paid. Ages 18 and up via PayPal. Often wants people to stock shelves or go to stores and take photos. SUPER easy money!
UAS Miles Try the Miles app today and automatically earn miles for all of your travel. Then redeem those miles for exclusive rewards. Download the app now to get 1,500 'signup' bonus miles. Been paid.
USA My Perks. If you are a cat owner get points for your bags if you buy Purina. If you look around the net long enough you will find the codes to enter monthly to get free points. You can redeem for all kinds of things that help saves you money.
WW Market Agent. Teens ages 16 and up to join to complete international Surveys. Your opinions set the trends of tomorrow! They also have a mobile app to make earning quicker and easier! We have been paid by this company. They also do micro jobs. They pay via PayPal, Amazon or Skrill. Join this exciting forum and get an opportunity to shape the future by your opinion. Get rewarded with exciting bonus points for your participation.
USA Valvoline. Team Valvoline is an exclusive community for DIYers, race fans, and weekend warriors. Sign up now for free to get the following benefits: Access to exclusive content, rewards points for all of your activity on site to trade in for unique gear, experiences, discounts & rebates, and member-only tools like My Cars maintenance tracker.
USA UK CA AU Verites. The work involves doing inspections, assessments, document services, and pick up and delivery services. You use a smartphone and accept the jobs you want, then get paid when they are complete. Pay varies depending on the job, but could be anywhere from $12 to $200 per order. Payments are via direct deposit (US only) or Paypal. They pay weekly, but in some cases it can take up to 30 days to get paid.
USA Bananatic. A website that pays you with redeemable points known as "bananas" for playing games. It is free to play and signing up only requires your name and email address. There are plenty of games on the platform, and each game offers a specific amount of `bananas` and instructions on playing.
USA Wego Health. (To receive your Free Stuff from the Carmex Club, click the link below to see the site. Then, sign up to be in the coolest club there is! Carmex will randomly select fans to receive free products until January 31, 2022. Florida and New York are not currently eligible due to contest laws in those states.)
USA Click Worker. Get paid to do several tasks including writing, translating, data entry etc as well as complete Surveys. This is another short task site where you can sign up for a worker account and log in and out when you want, completing various tasks for pay. This site has been around for a very long time and they do pay. The money is not fantastic, but it's fine for extra money. It definitely wouldn't be something to depend on for your entire income.
Screenwise trends Now Cross Media Panel NOW Google Opinion Rewards. Must be 13 and older, use Chrome and have a Gmail account. Been paid. They sometimes send Surveys.
USA Park Stash. Download the app, and rent out your driveway! Many people earn $150 a month and more! rates suggested $1 an hour. App takes %20.
USA Fresh Step. If you have a cat and use Fresh step you could be saving some money and earning rewards via this website. If you search the internet long enough you will find free codes that help you earn.
USA Step Bet. Get paid to work out. Place your bet and win! Mobile app.
USA US Monitor. Paid to send in your junk mail.

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