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Annika's and it's owner reserve the right to update this disclaimer at any time should it need to be updated without prior notification. Annika's it's owner and managers reserve the right to ban members from the social media pages as they feel fit, seeing as it is their site. So though the member may not have broken any rules of the site, there may be other reasons for not wanting a member to be part of this site. Like personal abuse on messengers which isn't covered in the rules.  If you send abusive emails to any e-mail address on the domain of we may do as we see fit, this means we reserve the right to publish them on any website, or social media to spread the word. Abuse will not be tolerated.

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If what I wrote bothers you or offends you in any way, be it personal or assumed personal, you may stop reading at any time. If the adult page bothers you, don't read it. It is there for those people who DO wish to work those jobs. Simply because we supply them does not mean we endorse them.

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