Annika's FAQ

I'm lost I don't know what to do first, can you help me?

Getting started is the best place to start. Simply click on what you want to get started on, for example, Surveys, or Paid to Read. These pages will guide you through the process.

Do I have to join Annika's?

No, you can read Annika's without being a member.

I contacted you and didn't get a reply, why is that?

There could be any number of reasons. It could be it got deleted as spam (if you didn't use the contact Annika's page.) Could be the answer was already covered somewhere on the site. Could be your email client deleted it as spam. Could be you left the wrong email address to reply to (this happens a lot.)

Why join Annika's Newsletter?

There are tips not posted anywhere else online that we post in Annika's newsletter. Annika's Newsletter has the most up to date news on earning money online from Paid to Read, Surveys, Focus Groups, Beta Testing, Secret Shopping and more. There are secrets we share that we simply can not share on these web pages due to abuse, as some people consider the insider information cheat tips.

Do I have to participate in Annika's to receive the newsletter?

No. Annika's newsletter is sent by Amy Lynn and not through MSN. You can read further details here:

Does Annika's charge any fees?

No, everything is completely free. Even our time. All you need is an active email address if you wish to sign up for Annika's Facebook fan page or Annika's Newsletter.

Can I earn money from joining Annika's?

You can, but not from Annika's but from signing up with the various companies we list. The number of money you earn varies from the amount of companies you may sign up with.

What do you (Annika's) get out of it?

This is a common question, and my answer is, the satisfaction that I saved someone from paying for something they could get for free. I can't tell you how much I love to save money. It upsets me that any company would charge a fee for what should be free. So I strive to make Annika's the best site out there and hope that others will spread the word of it. Yes we some referral links to help cover the costs of advertising, hosting, graphics, and our time (we have bills too LOL).

Does Annika's offer any money to join any of these programs?

No. This is a completely free site, we offer nothing other than our free services. The reason we do this is that there is too much fraud and scams going on and it upsets me to see people pay for what is free.

I'd like to join the forum, how do I?

We are no longer accepting members to join.

Is Annika's a blog, or a website?

Annika's is a website, a blog contains articles or content that oftentimes is unrelated to professional means. Blogs also earn money on paid to click ads.

What are your favorite paying companies, or which paying Survey programs do you highly recommend?

A. Well if you want to get off to a fast start be sure to register with the whole of page 1 & 2 before you take a break - they offer some of the best Survey opportunities anywhere, and you don't want to miss them.

Pinecone Research - IT JP USA DE UK CA
Mindfield Online - USA & CA
Cool Opinions
Paid View Point
Survey Savvy
Legerweb - CA & USA
Swagbucks CA AU USA UK IE
If you enjoy Amazon vouchers:
Swagbucks - CA AU USA UK IE
Opinion Outpost USA
Opinion Outpost CA
Outpost Opinion IT
Outpost UK
Outpost France
Outpost Germany

How do I change my email address on Annika's Newsletter?

By spam laws, we can't change your email address manually. You must follow the directions at the bottom of the newsletter to remove yourself. Then go and sign up again with your new email address. If you are unable to remove the old email address we can help, however, you must sign up the new email address on the newsletter sign up page.

How do I get paid?

Well, it depends on the company, or companies you join. Each one is different, and you'd have to check with them as web sites update often, so though we may have payment mentioned they may have added another form such as PayPal, or vouchers.

Can I remove myself at any time from Annika's and Annika's newsletter?

Certainly, though we would be sad to see anyone go, we understand changes in life. To remove yourself from Annika's newsletter complete directions are located here:

Why does Pinecone Research say they are open but after you fill in their application does it say there is no opening at the present time?

Well, that's because you don't meet what Pinecone Research is looking for. Pinecone can be very picky, and hard to get into. Mostly they want males, a certain age and or race.

Why are there sites not listed?

We realize there are loads of sites out there that aren't listed on this site. Simply because they aren't listed doesn't mean we don't know about them. We test most every site posted here. Sometimes they aren't posted because they conflict with our site, or because they don't fit in any certain section. We are always expanding the site, but sending us invites isn't the thing to do. Especially without asking. We run a business and therefore when invites come into personal business email addresses they are automatically reported for spam. The proper thing to do is to ask. Not assume we don't already belong to the company or program. We thank you for the offer but really please ASK first!

We'd like to keep this site as legit as possible. We have had many scam artists join, and tell us about sites they been paid by - simply to get us or our members to sign up when indeed they haven't been paid. This breach of trust has changed how Annika's operates, and therefore, are tested by us, not taken on word alone.

If you'd like us to check a site out, you can email us or use the contact page. We would be more than happy to help. Please don't use referral links when posting or emailing.

How can I invite a friend?

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