Getting Started With Market Research sites listed on Annika's.

We realize this can be overwhelming, so we created this easy guide for you. Please note, if you aren't going to read, you aren't going to learn nor be accepted. One of the most important things when it comes to market research is, you have to follow directions.

Get used to the right-click open in a new window/tab option. This will help you keep this site open while signing up for other sites. Not all websites do this, we try to but may have missed a few here and there.

You will also need a program in which you can get paid. Surveys are mostly paid in a check, Amazon gift card or PayPal. With Paid To Read emails, it's PayPal, Bitcoin, or Alertpay. Please note, I said mostly. There are other payment processors as well which are listed on the Survey Tools page.

Please know because Surveys are mostly the same thing as Focus Groups, the Q & A is in the same place.

We also have created a Site Map which will help you move about the site. If lost, please take a look at it.

Signing up for the newsletter which we send out ourselves please go here to join Joining the newsletter will keep you up to date on everything on the site as well as bonus tips and tricks not posted on the site.

I also feel its important for you to read the Protection page.

Once you have read this page and understand it, you will want to move on to the tab at the top that you wish to go about joining first.

I'd also like to suggest, when picking a "username" or "nickname" for any company you sign up for, please do not use your full email address. The reason I say this is sometimes companies offer referral links. These are links you'd be sharing publically on say your Facebook, or Twitter account. Posting your real full email address is never a good idea. Not just for privacy reasons but for spam issues.

When visiting our links, sometimes website locations change. If you come across a link and it doesn't load, (dead link) either remove the www or add a www at the start as part of the web address in the URL bar. Also, because of Google forcing people to upgrade to a secure web address, you may have to add an S to the address https of the page doesn't load. If it still doesn't load, please report that to us using our contact page. So we can update with the correct link. Thank you.

Payment listing information:

Cash = This could be any number of things, PayPal, actual cash, Amazon Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards, or Check. For example, you earn in cash on their site, $15.90 but could end up being offered one of the above forms of payments. Basically, anything that converts into something spendable.

Amazon Gift Cards/ Amazon Gift Certificates = Could be emailed, or through the regular mail.

Points Converted = This means you earn points, 100 points = $1 for example. Each Survey panel is different.
Points could be converted into Amazon, PayPal, Gift cards, or items.

Check / Cheque = Just as it states, paper writing of payment.

Sweepstakes = Drawing, which may lead to check, PayPal, Cash, Amazon. All depends.

Other = Could be products, coupons, freebies, samples, prizes, gifts, bitcoin, wire transfer, direct deposit ETC.

We list them like this to make it easier for you to understand. Sometimes it's hard to tell because companies change their payments without notice, and often without listing it on their website. All Panels will tell you in the FAQ section what the payment options and rules are. Panels can also change hands without any kind of notice and age limits may change as well.

Market research companies never sell products or services, you will not be asked to buy anything, and they won't ever ask for your credit card or bank account details.

Due to the nature of market research surveying, you will not be able/eligible to complete ALL Surveys that you are invited to respond to, as it is standard practice that participation is based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) age, gender, location, household type, speed of responding to the invitation, purchase behaviors, attitudes, etc. Please persevere if you occasionally do not screen through.

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