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Hi Amy

I hope it's ok that I am contacting you, but I wanted to tell you how great your resource is: I have been using it in my classroom for my students and they really seem to enjoy it. I am actually writing to you on their behalf! They have decided that they would like to send you a suggestion of another resource that I have been using, that one of them found: Its a great resource for online fraud prevention. It covers identity theft, online scams, phishing, credit card scams, and how to stay safe.

Again, I am sorry if I am out of line but I didn't want them to contact you on their own. I just think that it would make their day if you could set it up on your site with your other resources. It really is a useful article with great information. Thats why I have agreed to write to you. Maybe it will even encourage the others to bring in their own resources. I can hope! Anyway, I hope you don't mind the suggestion and I would really appreciate a response as soon as you get a chance.

Thanks so much!

Ms Clark's Class
Ms Tonya Marie Clark
Room #154
Ext. #6422
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Good Afternoon,

I hope you don't mind, but I'm a visitor and fan of your page: I found it again when I was browsing for some information on teaching kids and young adults about money. I teach tenth grade beginners economics and we have been using your resources since the beginning of the school year.

If it's OK, I may even include it in my handbook of online classroom resources for new teachers to use!

I don't know if you will be updating your page soon, but I came across another awesome page to show my thanks: BLANK. I thought that it might be a great addition! It's an article called "Educational Resource: Investing for Kids!" Take a look - it is so important to me to help my students learn about financial responsibility and understand our economy. I would be ecstatic if you were to add it! I know your other visitors would appreciate it too!

Anyways, it would be great to hear from you, i hope it's not a burden to add it, i just think it would be great and I'll definitely be showing my students! Thanks again!

Happy Holidays,
Rachel Duff
I just found this great web site that has great information about taking  Surveys online. She has a list of hundreds of companies, a great set of tips. Go to It looks like it is the work of someone who is very passionate about this topic and knows it inside out. - Tim Maitski RE/MAX Greater Atlanta
I should tell you that thanks to one of the survey sites I found on your page I have booked a national campaign called the New Face of HIV and I will be the internet face of the HIV drug Reyataz. They are coming to Portland the week of the 11th to film the webisodes and they are also going to photograph me for Print advertisement. So take a moment and be proud of what you do, because of your website I can promise you that now someone out there living with HIV will feel better about themselves and have better tools to fight the human side of it... All thanks to Annika's. Without Annika's they wouldn't have found me, and I wouldn't be able to get my message and story out there. - Jonathan97202
I have discovered so many NEW ways to make money at Annika's! Your site offers more ways to EARN money than any other site I know of. There is always something new and EXCITING being added to the pages. I am grateful that ANY question I have is answered PROMPTLY and with KINDNESS. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for creating the best savings site around! You unselfishly share with others and that has been extremely BENEFICIAL to me! Regards, - Mary C. Letson
I would like to commend you and your volunteer members for having such a fine website and your sharing of good information. Keep up the good work. A new fan, - DwnRvrChuck
A friend told me how informative your group is and all I can say is WOW! - Sheenada6
Well I fell for 3 on your black list 1 of which the black list got me out of (the other 2 I figured on my own) please add me to Annika's so I can keep updated on the survey scene :) - CocoCat30
Was researching paid emails & Surveys; found Annika's to be very informative. I like the layout of the pages also.- aaahchuu24
I'm new to paid Surveys and have been desperately searching to see if the ones that I signed up with are on "the up and up!" Sure enough I saw one and I was so disappointed but I've learned so much here in 1 hour than in 2 weeks surfing. Oh, am I relieved. You are such a Godsend. Thank you! - Sculptrz
I have enjoyed the information gained from reading at Annika's. I like that it is also a nice, safe place too! - leecie828
Stumbled across some links to your stuff really like how you are making people aware of the dangers out there. - phineasbarnum
I love how honest you are about survey and the best way to use them. Thanks I am a fan of Annika's and plan to continue using it to become more familiar with Surveys;) - bktrinigirl
I LOVE all that you and your teams have done for those of us who prefer to stay out of the workday rat race. I have three kids and have been able to supply a second income to our family by using ONLY your website. That is an accomplishment that no other website, including careerbuilder, could do. Thanks for all that you do, God Bless your home, and good luck in all you do. - Rebecca Robinson
I love to do survey's but can not afford to pay the fees everyone wants. I am trying to supplement my social security income. I think Annika's is great. Thanks, - Mary
Hi there, I saw Annika's on the Survey Police and thought I'd have a look. It's really good. - Casadelazucena2
I also enjoy doing Surveys, every little bit helps in making money for extras or earning points for cash, gifts or merchandise. Great site! - Shan_in_SC
I love this site!! I have joined many of the companies listed and have made a fair amount of money doing so. I didn't realize that you could join this site. I signed up for the newsletter and am happy that I did. I want to be a part of this exciting and helpful site. - Becca1013
I am new to online Surveys, I now feel as though I am an "old Hand" at doing them, thanks to all your valuable information.
I can easily spot the good from the bad now, Not bad after just 2 weeks!
I know I thanked you via e-mail but I thought you deserved a public thanks too and this way others will see it :-)
Keep up the Brilliant work, and I will pass the link on to everyone I know who are about to embark upon earning money with online Surveys. -Michelle Fisher
I cant thank you enough for putting all this info out there for free. What a blessing. - Ariana Ranne
I'm constantly on the search for Surveys. I've looked around and this is a great site. Grade A! - James
Love your website...found great survey websites and registered with a lot. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!! - April
I don’t know where to start. Annika's has saved me so much wasted time and I have made a fair amount of money as the result. I am still not where I want to be but thru trial and error and this site, I will eventually get to my goal. I am constantly using Survey Police as a reference and of course your links with all the “goodies” is beyond description. - Jerry & Gail Jones
I am a 55 year-old woman, and I really want to say "Thank You!" for the 600 free links to paying Surveys that I just found through a post you made on the **********. - LadySnowOwl
I'm a survey lady & found your webpage - very nice info!! - ¤§nowÅngel¤
I came online to find work as the outside world was pulling me down, literally. Unfortunately, like so many newbie surveyist's I got SUCKERED by a Company whom took me for a pretty penny. When I stopped pouting at being such a fool, I started surfing for the real thing... At Annika's I found that and a whole lot MORE... Friendship and LEGITIMATE EARNING OPPORTUNITIES... Eureka!!! Thank you Amy, for your generous nature in regards to helping the less fortunate without trying to make a humongous profit off of us... THAT is exactly why I decided to stick around, signed up, and offer my assistance... It was as if I were meant to find Annika's as well as your friendship... THANK YOU!!!
Sincerely, - Moakierock
I am sending you the first $5 I have earned as a result of FINALLY being able to rejoin the Pinecone panel (after 3 years!) through your tireless efforts to keep a live banner link posted. I thought sending you my first Pinecone payment was the least I could do for all your hard work and the wonderful resources on Annika's. - T.
I am wowed by your group, I can't wait to explore it! - barb west
I have been trying to do this survey thing for about 6 weeks now and have hit road block after roadblock. I was referred to Annika's by a friend and your information mirrors a great deal of what I have found on my own, the hard way, and more. Thanks again - Nancy O'Donnell
I want to thank you for this sight. For a person like me, it was heaven sent. I've signed up to over 100 paid sights so far - jean
I'm amazed at how much information you have here, and it looks like a great support site. - Marge
So far you have the most organized paid survey + site I have ever seen. - elvenrunelord
This site is an answer to my prayers!!! As a frequent survey participant, I find SO many bogus offers, many wanting me to sign-up for a program that has numerous fees, or that would like me to "complete 2 bronze offers, 3 silver offers, and 4 gold offers" just to "QUALIFY" for a "reward", which usually turns out to be something completely different than advertised! Thank you for Annika's, and I look forward to becoming a member! - Gianaamy1
I want to really thank you for Annika's and having the heart and time to give such good information ( survey and the word). I am so excited that I got my mother involved in this focus group thing!! And we both agreed that GOD is going to really Bless you for such a wonderful job!!!!! I don't care if I don't get any money, I am glad to be a person that can reach out to you and say THANKS!!!! Yours Truly, - Alfred
I have searched and searched for ethical and moral practices whilst trying to learn how to earn much-needed income on the internet, and Annika's is the ONLY site that I have visited that I wish to be a member of. - ylmoulton
Amy Lynn is very helpful and really knows her stuff.
The information here is very informative and it's great to be able to chat with others who have the same interests. - Cheekie5508
I think this is an excellent site - rissyrossy
Found Annika's and was very impressed with the time and effort you invested. I recently tested a product for a survey group. am expecting another product in the mail soon. I hope to learn from the group and hope to contribute some info for others.
Have a great day!!! - Charlene
Annika's is a good site in terms of number of sites listed. - Emma George
Thanks! You were a real big help for what I was looking for and Annika's is legit~! - Holly
What a wonderful site! Having been scammed by online activities it's nice to find someone willing to help us reduce the risks. - Mike E
This was very helpful. No need to keep surfing. - Brandy
The best web site for information on all kinds of things. - Phyllis
Great site for survey links for beginners like me. - Matt
After spending a little bit of money and hitting a lot of dead ends your website seemed to hold out some hope - some honesty on how to earn real money taking Surveys. Thanks, I feel like I can go from here and possibly start earning additional income. - Chris
Great suggestions - thanks so much! wish I had come across Annika's before paying! -Smitha Rai
I have been able to get to some paid survey sites that really pay you like they say they will. Gives me the little extra I need to get through the month - Michelle
I've browsing Annika's and all I can say is WOW!! Thanks for putting together so much great info. I'll be looking into a lot of it, especially the virtual assistant. I'm already a mystery shopper, so having several streams of income from Surveys and VA will be great. Thanks again and keep up the good work. - Kathy
I found Annika's after I had paid 9.95 or 16.95, some where in there a couple of years ago...& the bad thing is, I do not remember the what site it was and I already was member with about 95% of what they had listed on there. - Sharon
I have to say you reply pretty fast for such a big site. Annika's is well known for anyone that wants to get into Surveys. I figured you would be way too busy to ever reply to anyone. I just wanted to say many thanks for running Annika's. It truly is a great resource that has helped me immensely. - tord
I love your info So far I see you as the Survey Goddess, you have all the info I ever needed to know but had a heck of a time figuring out on my own. Thank you so much for providing this stuff free. Your an Angel. - Jacquie
Nicest people & tons of "reliable" information. I have only been a member for a few weeks & new at Surveys etc. I refer to Annika's before joining any of them. Have a peaceful & fun day & week. - dznr

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