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Entra a far parte del panel per sondaggisti più ricercato del web. Iscriviti subito a Foresta di Opinioni seguendo i link sotto riportati e sarai ricompensato per il tuo parere.

Still bringing you the Forestad Opinioni AKA Pinecone Research Sign Up links for 7 years straight! We have the latest Forestad Opinioni Sign Up links, and they are accepting applications again, apply now. Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape
Annika's is not compensated for the below links, and they are NOT affiliate links to Forestad Research.

Our links change often! Only link to:

Questo è il nuovissimo link di invito per potersi iscrivere a Foresta di Opinioni
Sign up for Forestad Research AKA Forestad Opinioni ITALY link is OPEN! ITALY Forestad Opinioni IS OPEN!

Se i link non funzionano, vuol dire che gli inviti sono terminati. Riprova fra qualche giorno!  

Still don't understand how to sign up? Check out Annika's Youtube video on how to sign up for Forestad Opinioni:

Be sure to share this page with your friends and family! Foresta D'opinioni. REMEMBER THAT ONLY ONE PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD MAY REGISTER.

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Potrai essere ricompensato con voucher del valore di 3 €, 5 € o 15 € che potrai riscattare al raggiungimento delle varie soglie di punti, oppure compensi direttamente sul tuo conto Paypal. Forestad Opinioni survey panel payment vary from €3 to €5 per survey all depending upon country, plus a sweepstakes entry, and you get to product test full size products. Their sign up links change all the time. Thus why some members earn more then others. It all depends upon when you joined as to what they pay you. You can join Forestad Opinioni survey panel via the links above, or Forestad Opinioni banners when you find them.

It is not exploiting Forestad rules to post the link to this page, however it is illegal to speak of what products you are testing.

You never need to look any further than this site. Why sit around for hours refreshing someone's site, wasting your time, when the new Forestad banner links are posted here as soon as they open registration? Please note: you should never lie about your race.

Welcome to all you need to know about Forestad Opinioni Product Testing Is Here At Annika's.

Forestad use to be the hardest most rare survey company to get into, because they pay, and allow you to test products. But now their sign up banners are everywhere!! They have cheapened themselves making it easy as pie to sign up with them by allowing their banners to be placed on BLOG SITES! 

I originally created this page, because they forced people to find their precious banner locations in order to sign up. I wanted to help you save money and time, instead of you wasting your time hunting.  (As we all know time is money.)

If you can't read fully, and completely, don't sign up for ForestadResearch. Skimmers are quickly kicked out. This is why I stress all the time, if you don't read, you can't do Surveys. And believe me there are loads who still email me asking for the Forestad banner, or how to sign up. If they read this page, they wouldn't be emailing.

Forestad market research firm has the option of payment by check or payment by PayPal. However, just because they pay by PayPal does not mean it is open to all countries. Because Forestad is a product testing site, there is no point in signing up if you are not from the target country - you cannot be sent the products to test.

Because the Forestad banner link is posted publicly the links normally won't be active for long. (We constantly have to keep an eye on this page to keep it updated for you.) So join Forestad Opinioni ASAP, and spread word about this page having the Forestad Opinioni Signup Banner location when it's posted. I will update it as often as possible, with your help.

Once you click to sign up, it will lead you to the Forestad sign up page which looks like this:

Pinecone Research AKA Forestad Opinioni Sign Up form/screen looks like this:

Forestad Opinioni

Typically the Forestad sign up links redirect to pages such as:

Please note, the above links are can only be activated through Forestad Opinioni REDIRECTS. (Redirects are pages made to forward to certain locations.) People post the above links on forums thinking they are sharing the sign up links, and as nice as that is, its simply not the case. You need to have the actual Forestad Opinioni sign up link located through text links on this page, or Forestad Opinioni Banners.

You need to find the Forestad Opinioni banner location (as sadly sometimes it may not be posted here). After clicking the Forestad banner, and signing up for Forestad Opinioni, you should hear back within 48 hours, at the latest 72.

If you qualify, you will receive an email in a few days which will include your own unique Household ID number and password. Then you are ready for your first paid survey! Anna Bonelli mandando una mail a

You must complete a prescreener survey at which point if they accept you, you will receive a welcome email and your first paid survey. (A prescreener is a survey which gives the company a background of your household to see if you are a good fit for their needs.)

Survey payments are processed Monday through Friday except on national holidays. Product evaluation Surveys completed during the week will be posted on the next day.

PineCone members are not compensated for the household questions (requests ending in 3001) that you may be asked to complete. Your responses to these brief 2-5 minute questionnaires enable Forestad Opinioni to send you product testing evaluations, which are paid of course, that are more specific to your household.

Forestad Opinioni doesn't have a referral program. The only way to earn is doing Forestad Opinioni Surveys, and Product Testing.

 Forestad The Forestad Opinioni emails always come from   all depending on what country you are from. They announce that you have been selected to take part in project number 123-123. They ask you to log onto the website and access the survey. It's worth noting that if you receive a survey invite from ForestadResearch, you've definitely qualified and you'll get paid. There are never any nasty and disappointing pre-screeners that reject you after 3 questions or less. Forestad make their selection that you're part of their target group BEFORE they invite you to do their Surveys. Neither the letter nor the email will tell you what the Forestad survey is about. Forestad Opinioni often asks you if you are interested in testing a certain product from a manufacture, this doesn't mean you will automatically receive a product to test. I have been asked countless times this same question, but I have only got a few products to test for Forestad Opinioni.

If you wish to have your Forestad Opinioni Affiliate link placed upon this page, please feel free to contact me.

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